15 April 2010


Have a look at the following sites and write a comment on what your dream holiday would be and why you chose it.

Diving in the Death Sea.
Climbing the Mont Blanc
Sightseeing in Rome
Backpacking Europe
Masai-Mara Safari
France camping
Skiing in The Alps
Caribbean experience


  1. I would go to a Caribbean experience, because I love the beach and the sea, and there I would stay in the beach sunbathing, an d I would in the sea and I diving in the coast to see sea animals.there, I would go to the Caribbean disco and i would go shopping in the shops there.I love the Caribbean because I love the sea and the heat of there, so I would spend a dream holidays there.

  2. I prefer sightseeing in Rome, because it is very interesting, it can be funny and exciting! In Rome, there are a lot of important monuments to visit, for example, the big coliseum or The Vaticano. It will be a very amusing experience.


  3. Hi I am Samuel
    I like would go to backpacking in Europe because i love the backpacking and i want know old Europe.I like would go to Paris for visit the eiffel toward, to Germany for eat a big sausage, to Holand for visit the mills, to Italy for visit the pissa toward, the coliseum, and other country from Europe.

  4. My favourite activity of all of these is diving in the death sea because I love the sea and I love see all of water animals: dolphins, sharks ... My dream holidays would be in the death sea and in others oceans. This experience is exciting!!! and I would touch and see a lot of water plants and animals. If I like to go I must wear special clothes.


  5. Jenni

    I like the Masai-Mara safari very much, because it is very beautiful and I can see animals in the wild.

  6. hi!
    I love this trip to Masai Mara to Nairobi because Ilove nature and the animals.I love animals like the giraffe and the natural environment that is precious and can learn a lot from it. I see very well put natural reserva for the people care the animals the natural environment. I love safary !
    Un saludo.
    By: María José.