14 May 2010


Revise the first conditional then you can also practise it in the links below.

First conditional exercise 1
First conditional exercise 2
First conditional exercise 3
First conditional exercise 4

If we get 1.000.000 €

Hello, we are Juan luis and Ivan, we are going to write a post about What are we going to do if we win 1 million €.
I, Iván, will buy a lot of xbox's games, or my family and
I are going to travel around the world for holidays. After that I'll invite all my friends to do a lot of interesting things that they want to do in holidays. And I'll buy a lot of presents for my friends, family and my girlfriend.
I, Juan Luis, will travel to all over the U.S.A., visiting each state of this big country, doing or eating a tipical thing of each state. After my fantastic travel, I will invite my friends to a big party in my new big house, we'll have a great time.
But all this is if we win 1.000.000€, and that's difficult.