23 March 2010


Yesterday, the 22nd of March the entire world celebrated the "water day". This year, the United Nations decided to choose as theme for this special day the logo "Clean water for a healthy world". The aim of this campaign is to increase the quality of water.
Is there anything that could be done to get this objective? Think about it and add your proposals in the comments.


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  2. We must close the faucet while we have a shower for save water

    Ivan Peña Verde

  3. One thing that we can do is to stop the water of the sink while we are brushing our teeth.

    By: Juan Luis

  4. We musn`t throw things to the seas, rivers and beaches.
    Mª José Pina

  5. We should spend less water, for the rivers are more tiller, but with the water that fell in the late christmas the rivers have a lot of water.
    Samuel Panal

  6. To increase the quality of water we mustn't throw rubbish to lakes or to the sea, we should wash the plates in the dishwasher, we should close the sinks to save the water, we should brush our teeth with a glass and not with the sink, we should have a shower and not take a bath because it spends a lot of water, we should close the industries that throw
    wastes to water so that those industries don't contaminate the water and we should save water.
    Gloria Lamela